My name is Conor Bryant and this is a short autobiographical piece about myself for media use and for people that may be vaguely interested. (Last updated: Twenty Third of May, Twenty Sixteen).

I am a musician, who primarily performs under the name 'Ampersand'- which can be either me on my own, a duo, or full band. It stands as more of a project name than anything else. I got the name from a monkey in the graphic novel series 'The Last Man', which is about a dystopian future where everything with a Y chromosome suddenly drops dead. So draw whatever conclusions you want from that.

Other than writing and recording music, I am also an audio engineer, with various qualifications, tape experience and have worked with professional musicians for a couple years now. I run a make believe, 'indie-centric' record label called 'A Very Cold Night', which primarily releases my music, art, and sells my junk, but there are also plans to feature my friends work on there too. I also met Glen Hansard once, and that was really cool.

I'm a big advocate of the LP, and making albums and not just singles. I love analogue mediums- much preferring the imperfectness of the whole thing. I'm not really a fan of crazy, quantised, and faked music (with a couple of exceptions).

My work, like anything, should be taken with a pinch of salt, and preferably be experienced as a whole piece. Grab a pair of headphones, sit down in bed with some fruit tea (or your beverage of choice) and have a listen from start to finish.

I do all of this for myself first and foremost, because this is something that I really enjoy. My work may be the worst thing that you've ever heard, and that's fine if that's what you think. But, if there is anyone else out there who likes it, or can draw something from it; that's great and makes me extremely happy.