Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition

  • Favourite Songs...
    • Tell Me What I Don't Know, Rolling Stone, Really Doe, Pneumonia, Dance In The Water, When It Rain.
  • Least Favourite Songs...
    • Get Hi, Hell For It.

Atrocity Exhibition is dirty.

Proper dirty.

Detroit rapper, Danny Brown, shocks and scares on his latest LP. Packed to the brim with drugs and lonliness for the duration, with one crazy instrumental after another. Whether it's a trap style beat, odd samba, psychedelic guitars or dissonant horns, Danny powers through every track with one of the most captivating flows that I've heard in a long time.

Unfortunately though, I think that the penultimate track, 'Get Hi', feels totally out of place and really wrecks the flow of the album. Not really sure why it's here...

I've never heard an album that has made me want to smoke crack and announce my sobriety at the same time.